Custom Die-Cut Packaging CD.

Creating your own shape is very easy.

custom-packaging-die-cut cd dvd
custom-packaging-die-cut CD DVD

Custom Die-cut CD DVD Packaging are an easy way to give your brand a unique and distinguished look. Graphic designers love the endless possibilities that custom die cutting affords them. You can create your own graphic or start from one of our template and add your custom die-cut.

Some specials shapes:


Remember to create a vector path (on illustrator) on a seperate layer which corresponds to the outline and assign it with a magenta plain shade sample, naming it “CutContour”. It is advisable not to create extremely complex Cut to Shape, as the final result may be uneven and imprecise:

  • Create a new file and add 3 mm bleed on each side.
  • Otherwise download our template and change the existing shape.
  • From the Layers palette creates a new layer naming CutContour.
  • From the Swatches palette creates a new color swatch naming CutContour; select Spot Color as the color type and assigns the CMYK percentages 0, 100, 0, 0 (only magenta).
  • On Layer CutContour creates a vector path corresponding to the shape of your design and assign it a color corresponding to the color swatch track CutContour just created.
  • Save the PDF keeping separate layers.
  • Send PDF to or wetransfer, and quantity to be produced (1 to 300). We will send you a special quotation.

Create a document with 3 mm bleed

Import the graphics on layer "Artwork" and the shape on the layer "CutContour".

Save the PDF with all layers.

Printed result.


It is advisable not to create extremely complex Cut to Shape, as the final result may be uneven and imprecise.

Right Layout

Too complex

Inner corners < 90 °


The path CutContour must consist of a single closed line.


Minimum radius: 5 mm; Minimum cut: 10 mm.

Are you ready ?

Download the PDF and create your new cutting die; Check out our templates and edit them; Watch how to work with templates; Do you need help ? get help with CDCLICK Design Service to create your own cutting die.



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